Ethics and Activism. Human Rights Activism. Anti Islam, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion.

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Daniel Scot - IMI - Christian evanlgelizing Muslims
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner - Israel Law Center
Tim Burton - LibertyGB - lawfare
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Speaking Out for freedom of speech, against political correctness and multiculturalism, for truth about Islam - Tom Trento, Heidi Mund, Alexandra Belaire, Andre Drouin     Andre Drouin, against multiculturalism and religious accommodation Alexandra Belaire, freedom of speech Heidi Mund, Christian human rights activist Tom Trento of The United West  Christian persecution Elaine Black, accidental Zionist Andrew Harrod, the Lawfare Project Chris Logan, counter jihad Bill Warner, political Islam

human rights activism Robeert Spencer, Jihad Watch Rabbi Jonathan Hausman Narain Kataria, Hindu activist Tamar Yonah, Israel national radio

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Islam, Islamic beliefs, the West and Political Correctness

Interviews - Ethics, Faith, Truth, Activism

Why this topic? We start with ethics, with caring, with a sense of right and wrong, good and bad. We somehow become concerned about Islam.

But what do we do? A few people instantly become activists, the moment they feel something is wrong. Far more of us are confused, uncertain, hesitant. We don't know what to do, what might work. We aren't sure what is real. What we're learning doesn't go with the mainstream message about Islam. Or we try things, but see that we're not getting our message through to people. Or we wish we knew how to do more.

Finding effective strategies - not easy. Each of the people interviewed has found their own way of being active about what is happening with Islam throughout the world. They have figured out effective ways of reaching people.

Who's been interviewed? There is a mix of well-known people and others who are "local heroes" - people who have found ways of reaching others, but in a smaller way. For instance . . .

August 2014 - for info, click here
Human Rights Activists - Interviews with Activists

Bill Warner, of PoliticalIslam. He created the term, political Islam. He created an easy-to-understand Koran. He has dedicated his life, since 9/11, to countering the threat of militant Islam.

Chris Logan, of Logan's Warning and North American Infidel. An online voice against the Islamization of the West.

Andrew Harrod. He can't stop writing articles on Islam. You find them in almost every counter-jihad publication. And a new article is always forming within him. Plus he is a fellow at The Lawfare Project - countering Islamic lawfare.

Elaine Black, passionate, intense, urgently needing to get out accurate information on what is happening with Israel, to counter the massive media distortions and outright lies which support terrorist organizations like Hamas.

July 2014 - for info, click here
Human Rights Activism - Interviews with Activists

Robert Spencer, of JihadWatch, which has a worldwide reach. On top of that, he's published 13 books, including 2 New York Times bestsellers. His most recent book: Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In.

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, of the Hausman Memorial Speakers Series. He's put his job on the line, by hosting, at the synagogue where he's the rabbi, a speaker series that includes Robert Spencer, Allen West … and even Geert Wilders of Fitna fame.

Narain Kataria, who as a teenager experienced the partition of India. Over 1,000,000 Hindu and Sikh deaths. Now he educates - through the Indian American Intellectuals Forum, and the Human Rights Coalition against Radical Islam - about the menace of terrorism all over the world. Most of his activism has taken place after retirement - quite a common occurrence.

Tamar Yonah, child of Holocaust survivors, is program director and Israel's most popular English-language talk show host at Israel National Radio. She faces the burning issues that confront Israel and the Western World - including the massive media bias against Israel.

Other well-known people interviewed include:
- Tom Trento of TheUnitedWest, a major online media presence,
- and Elisabeth Sabiditsch-Wolff, who started by giving workshops in Vienna on the content of Islam, and soon faced criminal charges. The truth was labelled "hate speech".

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Why should their stories matter to us?

In many ways, their stories are ours.

Two heads are better than one, it's said. Here are lots of people. Together we have a better chance of getting things to change.

Ethics and Activism.
Human Rights Activism.
Anti Islam, Freedom of Speech,
Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion.

quotes about truth, Islam, Islamic beliefs, the West

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From Ethics and Caring,
to Activism for Human Rights
including Freedom of Speech,
and to Truth Telling instead of
Political Correctness.


Bat Ye'or
Bat Ye'or

Bruce Bawer
Bruce Bawer

Jamie Glazov
Jamie Glasov

Phyllis Chesler
Phyllis Cheslr

Hege Storhaug
Hege Storhaug

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Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer

Bill Warner
Bill Warner

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman

Narain Kataria
Narain Kataria

Elaine Black
Elaine Black

Chris Logan
Chris Logan

Andrew Harrod
Andrew harrod

Tamar Yonah
Tamar Yonah


Robert Spencer

Mark Durie

Pamela Geller

Bill Warner

Raheel Raza

Fred Litwin

Valerie Price

Gavin Boby

Aruna Papp

Eric Allen Bell

Vince Lombardo

Nicolai Sennels

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Nonie Darwish

Chris Knowles

Elsa, Truth Sleuth

Andy Miller

Alain Wagner

Freedom Annie

Majed El Shafie


Citizen Warrior


Ethics and Activism. Human Rights Activism.
Anti Islam, Freedom of Speech,
Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Religion.

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