Teleseminar Schedule for Islam and The West: Understanding Islam, Understanding the West. Facts about the West and Islam.

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Free access ... what does this mean?

And what is the schedule?


When there are new interviews, they go online Monday to Thursday, the last week of the month. Each interview goes online, FREE, for forty-eight hours.

Register, and you will be sent details.


2012-13, a total of 21 interviews, over a period of 5 months. There is a page on each of the people interviewed.

Each interview was initially available FREE.

There were also 2 sets of FREE re-runs.


If you would like to be able to listen again, or listen whenever it suits you, you will be able to purchase any individual interview or the full series. You can also buy any of the past interviews.


There is a Facebook page where you can comment about the interviews and read the comments of other people.

Some people feel very alone in their knowledge about Islam. Others would like more of a connection with a larger group of people, maybe even people around the world. I know I've felt quite alone, and stunned to be relatively alone with such obvious truths.

Unpopular truths often take a long time to get out into the world. Generally there are those with power and money who do not want the truth out. Galileo faced the Catholic church which was not open to his findings about the earth rotating around the sun, rather than the other way around. The cigarette industry put up an enormous fight against acknowledging the link between smoking and lung cancer. In the struggles for equal rights for people of all races, for women and men, for people of all sexual orientations, there was - and often still is - huge opposition.

It can be exhausting to hold out on one's own, in the face of such opposition.

Over and over, people have found like-minded individuals - and also have found help with strategies for getting hears.

One goal of this telesummit is to share stories around vital concerns - like how have people come to understand Islam and the West, what is happening - and this time, how have people come to their understanding of ethics, to their faith beliefs, to their truths, and to their activism.

Another goal is, hopefully, to give to you - so that listening adds to your own life.


PhD, Psychology, Sociology, Literary Theory

People interviewed for the first series:

Bill Warner -
Robert Spencer -
Nonie Darwish -
Pamela Geller -
Raheel Raza -
Mark Durie - The Third Choice
Valerie Price - Act for Canada
Citizen Warrior -
Eric Allen Bell - American Infidel
Aruna Papp - Unworthy Creature
Gavin Boby - Law and FreedomFoundation
Fred Litwin -
Freedom Annie - Facebook - Infidel Task Force
I.Q. al-Rassooli - Lifting the Veil
Vince Lombardo - Anonymous Scholar
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff - Pax Europa
Andy Miller - Tennessee Freedom Coalition
Nicolai Sennels - Muslim vs Non-Muslim Psychologies
Chris Knowles - International Ciivil Liberties Alliance
Alain Wagner - International Ciivil Liberties Alliance

Some of the people perhaps to be interviewed:
Phyllis Chesler -
Bat Ye'or - Eurabia and
Hege Storhaug - But the Greatest of These is Freedom
Bruce Bawer - While Europe Slept and The New Quislings
Jamie Glazov -

Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs and the West

Islamic culture, multiculturalism and political correctness

Anti Islam beliefs, pro freedom of speech

universal human rights

free ebook on Islam


World Truth Summit


From Ethics and Caring,
to Activism for Human Rights
including Freedom of Speech,
and to Truth Telling instead of
Political Correctness.


Bat Ye'or
Bat Ye'or

Bruce Bawer
Bruce Bawer

Jamie Glazov
Jamie Glasov

Phyllis Chesler
Phyllis Cheslr

Hege Storhaug
Hege Storhaug

free ebook on Islam




Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer

Bill Warner
Bill Warner

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman

Narain Kataria
Narain Kataria

Elaine Black
Elaine Black

Chris Logan
Chris Logan

Andrew Harrod
Andrew harrod

Tamar Yonah
Tamar Yonah


Robert Spencer

Mark Durie

Pamela Geller

Bill Warner

Raheel Raza

Fred Litwin

Valerie Price

Gavin Boby

Aruna Papp

Eric Allen Bell

Vince Lombardo

Nicolai Sennels

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Nonie Darwish

Chris Knowles

Elsa, Truth Sleuth

Andy Miller

Alain Wagner

Freedom Annie

Majed El Shafie


Citizen Warrior


Teleseminar Schedule.
Islam and The West:
Personal Journeys Toward
Difficult Truths.
Understanding Islam,
Understanding the West.
Facts about the West and Islam.

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