Four Activists Against Christian Persecution, Jewish Hindu Buddhist Persecution. 4 Interviews. Ethics and Activism.
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AUGUST 25-28, 2014
Human Rights Activists - Interviews with Activists human rights activist human rights activist human rights activist human rights activist
$4.95 PER interview - $14.95 for the set.

Bill Warner, Political Islam   now

Chris Logan, North American INfidels   now

Andrew Harrod, The Lawfare Project

Elaie Black, inadvertent Zionist   now

Four Activists Against Christian Persecution,
Jewish Persecution,
Hindu and Buddhist Persecution.
4 Interviews.
Personal Journeys.
Ethics and Activism.

August 25-28, 2014:

Bill Warner, of PoliticalIslam. He created the term, political Islam. He created an easy-to-understand Koran.He has dedicated his life, since 9/11, to countering the threat of militant Islam.

Chris Logan, of Logan's Warning and North American Infidels. An online voice against the Islamization of the West.

Andrew Harrod. He can't stop writing articles on Islam. You find them in almost every counter-jihad publication. And a new article is always forming within him. Plus, he's part of The Lawfare Project, "safeguarding against the abuse of the law as a weapon of war."

Elaine Black, passionate, intense, urgently needing to get out accurate information on what is happening with Israel, to counter the massive media distortions and outright lies which support terrorist organizations like Hamas.

In the first week of November, you will be meeting the remarkable Tom Trento, of The United West, a major online and "real world" counter-jihad presence. Tom speaks out loud and clear. He's smart, sharp, funny and extremely knowledgeable. Don't debate him unless you're prepared to lose! A recent show asks: CAIR and La Cosa Nostra - Birds of a Feather?

Four Activists Against Christian Persecution,
Jewish Persecution,
Hindu and Buddhist Persecution.
4 Interviews.
Personal Journeys.
Ethics and Activism.

July 2014 Interviews
Human Rights Activism - Interviews with Activists

Still available for purchase:
$4.95 each interview - $14.95 for the set.

2012-2013 Interviews:

Muslim beliefs, Islamic beliefs and the West

Islamic culture, multiculturalism and political correctness

Anti Islam beliefs, pro freedom of speech

universal human rights

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World Truth Summit


From Ethics and Caring,
to Activism for Human Rights
including Freedom of Speech,
and to Truth Telling instead of
Political Correctness.

likely including ...

Phyllis Chesler
Phyllis Cheslr

Hege Storhaug
Hege Storhaug

Bat Ye'or
Bat Ye'or

Bruce Bawer
Bruce Bawer

Jamie Glazov
Jamie Glasov

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Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer

Bill Warner
Bill Warner

Rabbi Jonathan Hausman

Narain Kataria
Narain Kataria

Elaine Black
Elaine Black

Chris Logan
Chris Logan

Andrew Harrod
Andrew harrod

Tamar Yonah
Tamar Yonah


Robert Spencer

Mark Durie

Pamela Geller

Bill Warner

Raheel Raza

Fred Litwin

Valerie Price

Gavin Boby

Aruna Papp

Eric Allen Bell

Vince Lombardo

Nicolai Sennels

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Nonie Darwish

Chris Knowles

Elsa, Truth Sleuth

Andy Miller

Alain Wagner

Freedom Annie

Majed El Shafie


Citizen Warrior


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