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What do we do now?
Maybe most, is there some good way
to flourish with this extended endurance trauma?
Full Flourishing. Sounds great.
But is it possible, especially now?

What do I do now? That's a big question for many of us. There's one thing after another. Ever changing restrictions and rules. Ever more information, including about who could be behind what's happening worldwide.

I have paused, stopped sending out updates. For a long time my key focus was Islam. Then my focus expanded. With the c-virus, the shift has been massive. What is happening? And my biggest question: where do I best put my energy?

I admire and support those working for freedom and truth and justice on the legal front, the medical front, the science front, the media and government fronts. I've done a few videos and created a site with information I've found especially vital to help speed the spread of truth, of facts about extremely effective treatments for the c-virus: https://SpeedTheSpread.info

But mostly, I've paused.

Recently I've been finalizing 2 projects:

First, Full Flourishing (https://FullFlourishing.com). How do we flourish as fully as possible, including in a time like this, when so many factors do anything but encourage inner well-being? I've had a decades-long passionate interest in psychology, human development. It's been resurging, in the midst of what a friend calls an "extended endurance trauma."

The second project is Elsa Is Elsa (https://ElsaIsElsa.com), where I'm the guide introducing very different aspects of my work.

Full Flourishing starts:

The drive to flourish fully is as natural as the everyday hunger for food.

But so many of us aren't flourishing. Relationship problems. Financial problems. Social problems. General dissatisfaction. Deep misery. Burnout. Sometimes it feels like nothing is working.

And now, for over a year, we have been living through an extended endurance trauma - lockdowns, masks, curfews, social distancing, isolation, ongoing messages from all sides instilling fear of a virus, economic disaster for millions. The rules keep changing, so we can't even adjust to one stable set of circumstances.

How do we get to life as we can feel it can be? With inner stability, despite outer instability and dangers. With close connections, work satisfaction, civic connection, an inner sense of power. With more courage than fear. With passion and the curiosity to explore. With contentment and joy. And also with a society with safety, stability, justice.

I start with a story about my father, and a bit about myself.
Click for the video: https://FullFlourishing.com#video
Full Flourishing video

My question to all of you: how are you living through what's been happening? Are you an information searcher? Have you been economically hit? Are you concerned about what may be coming next? Are you coasting?

All the best to all of us in these frequently challenging times,


posted May 23, 2021

PS. Lots more blog posts at https://ElsasBlogs.com

Think or Sink.
Out with bad thinking,
with dangerous false teachings,
like political correctness.
In with good thinking, facts and logic.

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