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World Truth Summit

Think or Sink.
Out with bad thnking,
with dangerous false teachings,
like political correctness.
In with good thinking, facts and logic.

I want to start by going back to 2006. I'm introducing a college ethics class. "I can't imagine a more important time than now to be exploring ethics, with all the different messages coming at us." A hand goes up. "So what," says the student, "All opinions are equal." It turns out that my students, all 43 of them, agree. According to them, there is no right or wrong.

I'll get to more about that class.

Now it's April 2020 - Corona virus time. So I suppose I should start with the Corona virus - what I've heard, what I believe. My sense is that enough people are talking about this. My understanding, in short: we are being massively manipulated by the same forces that want Trump gone. But I don't want to continue. It feels like entering a swamp. If I go further, I won't get out for a long time.

So, first, I want to let you know what I've been thinking about over the past months. And then, I'll get back to the college ethics class I was introducing in 2006.

As usual for me, the biggest question has been: What's the best thing I can do? What's the best use of my time?

There's one thing I haven't seen anyone else really focus on. Quite a number of other people are focussing on political correctness, Islam, Marxism/Communism, infiltration, Israel, anti-Semitism, climate alarmism, media manipulation.

But I don't know of anyone else focussing on bad thinking as essential to all of the destructive forces around us.

That brings me back to 2006. That was the year I became aware of Islam and the threat posed by political correctness. I was also hit by the sea change in my students. I had been teaching, university and college level, for 23 years. I had never before faced a class of students, all adamantly convinced that all opinions are equal.

I wrote about it at the time. It's one of the first articles I posted online: All Opinions Are Equal - Stupid Opinion Number One.

I continued to think, write and speak about the increasing taboo on thinking. I'm coming back to this concern now - with 2 major changes. Before, I saw the taboo as dangerous. Now I see it as something much more, as ESSENTIAL to the forces against human rights, against freedom of thought and speech. In other words, we knock out bad thinking (which is not likely to happen easily) and the forces against us are dealt a death blow. We think, they sink. On the other hand, if we don't think, we sink.

There's a second major change. Before, I was concerned with raising awareness. Now the goal is a movement - like the anti-slavery movement and the votes-for-women movement. Awareness isn't enough. We need engagement - group engagement.

And with that, here is a link to a short video that starts with my experience with my ethics class, and moves to the present:

More is coming soon.

All the best,


April 12, 2020

PS. Here's the link, if you're interested in that early article, Stupid Opinion Number One (2006):

For lots more, come explore
and now

posted April 12, 2020

Think or Sink.
Out with bad thnking,
with dangerous false teachings,
like political correctness.
In with good thinking, facts and logic.

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